NOVEX Keratin Haircare Treatment Cream

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Are you in need of a Deep Conditioning Treatment for your dry, parched or broken tresses?  You must try the Brazilian line of products by NOVEX Specifically for Deep Treatment for Naturally Curly Hair

I have finally got my hands on the wonderful NOVEX Keratin Haircare Treatment Cream.

Here are the major deets:

– Purpose: Deposit Protein and Moisture into and Onto the hair

– Results: Smoothing, strengthening from the inside out. Gentle and very rehydrating.

– Cost: Between $9.99-15.99 depending on “flavor” of treatment.

– Applications: About 42 applications from the container.

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Step 1

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STEP 2- Consistency is creamy, not too thick or thin

Click Here to see how the products affects my hair

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I deep conditioned for 30 minutes with a little heat for the last 15 minutes. Study’s show that 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time that you can receive any benefit from a conditioner and the enhancements are clinically shown to improve with heat.

I truly felt that my hair was better off with this conditioning treatment.  This is a good one to have on stock for when you need some rescue help.  I think it would be particularly helpful to very dry, course, and damaged hair.  I will definitely be keeping some of this on hand.  It should not be surprising to anyone that this Brazilian company has produced these wonderful products for deep treatment of Naturally curly hair.  Brazilian’s naturally understand beauty and want to share it.  My kind of people!

Thank you NOVEX!


Finally, My results


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