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Thank you for being with the Secret Curl Society!  We want to know all about you.  Do Tell!


1. You have beautiful natural hair, have you always worn it natural or did you take the “Return to natural” journey?

I was natural up until I was in high school, when I went behind my moms back and got a perm. I returned natural December 2009.

2. If you have always been like to grow up natural when most everyone else was relaxed and how long has it taken you to transition to natural?

Growing up it didn’t seem like a big deal having natural hair because my hair was always in braids. I saw other kids with straight hair and that is what made me perm it. I am very impatient so I only waited 3 months for my perm to grow out and then I did the big chop.



3. What do you love the most about your hair?

What I love most about my hair is versatility. I like change and the fact I can do anything to my hair and then getting my curls back when I miss them, I love that.

4. Secret Curl Society is about leading women and girls in embracing their hair in it’s natural state as this can help a woman accept your entire being. Have you been able to relate to this? Has your natural lifestyle enhanced other areas in your life?

The first day I did the big chop, I cried. I wasn’t used to not having hair. But the more I looked on YouTube and looked in the mirror I fell in love. When I stopped living for how my hair looked I began to be stronger, bolder in my decisions. I had a self confidence I never felt before.


5. Many say we are redefining beauty standards by returning to our natural kinks and curls? Would you agree? How has this movement shaped your view on beauty?

I don’t like to look at being natural as a movement because movements fade, they change. I think women are realizing how beautiful they are with what God blessed them with and that is why you see more natural women.

6. Have you found it hard to believe that you are beautiful in the past due to how you wore your hair, cultural makeup, or the way you look?

I have never found it hard to believe I was beautiful no matter how my hair was. It was when I chopped all my hair off that it multiplied and I found this hidden confidence.


7. How do you think this natural culture will affect the younger generation of girls as they develop into women?

I feel since more and more women are natural and comfortable with their natural beauty it will have a positive affect on younger generations to feel like they don’t have to fit in and they can rock what they were blessed with without fear.

8. What is your definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty is self confidence.


image-219. How does Culture play a role in our view of beauty and hair? What role did your culture play in your view of beauty and hair?

I think growing up and still today, it is being portrayed that beauty is straight hair, slim bodies, big butts. I think if we as human beings don’t have a positive role model that constantly reminds you and shows you in their actions that you are beautiful just the way you are, it makes it hard to see things any differently.

10. Do you think this movement has helped women grow to learn to love each other? Have you built new relationships with women simply by engaging in “hair talk?”

I do think that since more women are Natural and embracing their beauty it has helped us grow to love each other because you don’t have that comparison and you don’t feel like you have to compete because you know that God blessed you with what you have and he gave them the same. I have met and made friends just by talking about hair. It has been a great way to connect with other women just because we seem to be going through almost the same thing.


11. Tell us about your hair regiment? Do you do at home haircare, or solicit the support of a stylist? What is working for you and what does not work for you?

I have my moments where I go to the salon on a regular basis because I don’t want to do my own hair. But overall, I do my own. I use shampoo once every two months but I Cowash every week, every two weeks if I have a style in. I have noticed that low maintenance works for me. Condition, use leave in conditioner, my oils, and the styling agent. Simple styles work for me. Twist, flat twist, two strand twist. Once in a while wash and gos.

12. Do you have any particular personal hair goals ( regarding, health, length or style?)

My personal hair goal is for healthy hair and if I focus on having healthy hair the length will come.


13. What social media bloggers or natural hair gurus do you follow or have been inspired by?

There are sooooooo many: mahoganycurls, mrsdivalike, sunshine abuwi, naptural85, Candace sheppard, misskenk, msvcharles, colouredBeautiful, Taren guy, iknowlee, and mynaturalsistas to name a few.

14. And how can we find you, what are your social media outlets?

I am on Instagram Vita0823.  Thinking about starting a YouTube channel in the near future.

15. And do you have any personal or professional projects that you would like to share with us?

The only project I have going on right now is the transition from active duty to reserves and civilian life.


We wish you the best in your endeavors and again, we thank you for sharing your self, your confidence an your ideals with the Secret Curl Society.

– Janelle Sands

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