The Infamous Micro Braids


All you need to know…

         If you have ever done this before you know that it is the best of two extremes. Very fulfilling and very annoying. In one regard you get the luxury of looooong silky hair that you don’t have to “comb” everyday! And on the other hand you get the annoyance of needing a retouch, and gentle shampooing, and the take down is killer! So to give us all a break here are a few tips to properly get you through the luxurious and potentially challenging experience.

First, your hair must be shampooed, conditioned, and blow dried. These three steps will:

– Give the hair a good strong foundation which is great when wearing a long term protective style.
– Allow the scalp to breathe. Sometimes with very curly and kinky hair the will shrink so much that it will sit on the scalp completely concealing the scalp which can be drying.
– Lessen the tension of the braiding process. In other words It won’t hurt as much. Be sure to use a natural oil when blow drying your hair. No grease, as any heavy oils will make it hard for the Braider to get a good grip and hard for your braids to last the full 6-10 weeks.
– Another suggestion is for very “tender headed” or “tender scalped” women, to take a low dose of your preferred pain reliever.
Now, you must know the other side of this. If you improperly prepare your hair you are at risk of adding 30 extra minutes to 1 hour more to your lengthy style which could result in the stylist charging you for the extra time and work. You also put yourself in line for having a very tender scalp when all is said and done. Finally, you put yourself at risk for our worst nightmare……HAIR BREAKAGE! Micro braids are notorious for taking your hair out by the section, but you can help prevent a lot of that by following instructions from the stylist.

Congrats, you hair is now properly prepared for Micro Braids.image.

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