Silk Press Haaaay!

Silk Press Haaaay!

This client is ALL NATURAL, no chemical treatments.
Style Breakdown:
1. Client was shampooed with sulfate free Erayba Hydraker Shampoo
2. Deep conditioned with custom blend of Erayba Nutriactive vegetable protein mask, Hydraker Botox infused with essential oils
3. Rinsed and moisturized with heat protectant based serum cocktail of Erayba Instant Serum and Argan Mystic Oil
4. Blown dry with comb attachment
5. Hot combed the roots in 4 sections on warm heat
6. Flatironed and bumped for styling
7. Client received a trim and length check
8. Finished with light hairspray

The client was advised to wrap hair nightly and Moisturize with a light penetrating oil such as Moroccan Oil every few days. This style is expected to last 2-3 weeks based on care and weather of course, wink!

Heat styling should always begin with a softening shampoo, deep condition, and quality products for protection. Handle with care!


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