No, Pretty Girl Don't Hide Your Curls!

wpid-20131220_161443.jpgNothing is more beautiful than a child.  On every level they radiate Gods handiwork.  My young client carries this creamy skin, rose lips, and naturally blonde, kinky curly hair! I am so taken by His craftsmanship of this curly beauty.

In awe, I asked if I might share it with you all. Reluctantly she said ” Yes, but if it would be okay to hide my face?’  “Heaven’s no!” I said.  ” Smile child, don’t hide your curls,” I told her and then I overindulged myself on pics of her throughout our time together.


wpid-20131220_163320.jpgHydrating Mask



Moroccan Curl Mousse

Today we performed a curly cut after a Moroccan Oil  Moisture Repair Shampoo and deep conditioning Hydration Mask. We cut and then hydrated with the Moroccan Oil Treatment followed by the Moroccan Oil curl mousse.  This product gave a defined bodyful curl with hold. However my young curly prefers her curls to hang and relax a little.  And so we rinsed her hair and applied a stretching product using Keracare Twist and Define Cream.  The end result was sleek, stretched, shiny curls.


Happy Curl Day,

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