Micro Maintenance- All you need to know…

Retouching the first 2 rows of braids 4-6 weeks after installation.

Retouching the first 2 rows of braids 4-6 weeks after installation.

How do I maintain my braids?

You must tie your hair down every night with a silk scarf. This will protect you for additional friction while sleeping and will keep your hair laying down. You can cleanse your hair and scalp as needed.

What is a retouch?

halfway through your style you must take down the two rows of your perimeter to be redone.  This allows for the braids to not receive too much pulling on your delicate edges.

For a scalp cleanse:

Purchase witch hazel or Sea Breeze, all natural cleansers from your nearest grocery and apply to cotton balls. Dab your scalp with a saturated cotton ball or cue tip in a gentle manner. Follow up with oil sheen or a light oil. Be sure to steer clear from heavy oils with mineral oil or petroleum as this will attract dirt to your hair and will produce heavy build up at the base of your braids which can be difficult to remove.

For hair/braid cleanse:

First comb through each section of your hair/braids while dry to prevent tangles. Select a shampoo and conditioner of choice. I recommend a sulfate, paraben and silicone free shampoo, this is the safest option for the chemically treated extension hair. Gently apply your shampoo focusing on the scalp area. Let the shampoo work for you and be sure to ALWAYS follow up with conditioner. While the conditioner is in, gently finger comb the hair holding the base to prevent extensive pulling and tugging. Allow the hair to air dry or blow dry without a comb/brush attachment. Then flatiron if needed with a hair serum.

How do I moisturize?

Purchase a leave-in conditioning spray and apply every other night before retiring to bed. This is the most important step if using micro braids as a “protective style.”
Will my hair fall out?

If you follow the above instructions you should not experience any breakage. The micro braid extensions should be done at medium size for maximum effectiveness. You heighten your risk for breakage as your braid extension gets smaller and/or if you fail to to take them down before 2.5 months. Follow all instructions for maximum effectiveness.



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