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  Good Day to you Bria Sands. I especially wanted to interview you as you are someone young and upcoming; of the younger generation of naturals and we want to hear from you and learn from you.

1. What has attracted you to this natural movement?

I first saw the true beauty in it when I saw one of my friends. I watched her transition and saw how beautiful the process is and how beautiful her hair was when she cut all of her relaxed hair off. The permed hair isn’t “natural” for black women. Our natural hair is what is beautiful and its funny because the white women and all women love it. They like the kinky hair, and how we can wear so many styles. The permed hair just doesn’t make you stand out as much as the natural hair does.


2. Why is right now your time to go natural?

I have tried so many years to go natural but I always end up perming it because I couldn’t maintain. So I had to perm it just to look normal. I now live with my sister and she can help me take care of it. Now I can keep it protected while it grows out long and strong and beautiful. So now is the best time for me.

IMG-20131011-WA0001 IMG-20131012-WA0000

3. You are from my favorite country, the beautiful Island of the Bahamas. What’s the status of the culture receiving the natural movement?

In my country it goes both ways. Many women wear the natural and many wear the perm. Back home both are still in style. As far as textures, everyone loves the soft curly. They don’t truly love the true African Roots that some have. They do not yet value it. So they say it’s better for some to perm.

( American’s are the same way- JS)


3. When I visit your country it appears that the culture has a true appreciation for beauty and I feel even more beautiful there. From your perspective, how does your culture see beauty?

Some look at everything. They look at your skin color, hair texture and your parents. They also look at your dress and how you carry yourself and what’s on the inside.


4. How has that shaped how you see beauty?

Well a lot has shaped how I see beauty. Before I considered beauty by the way they looked, or dressed. Social media networks have changed society. Many people my age don’t think they are beautiful because they compare themselves to the girls on social media with long straight hair, skinny body and pointy noses. Little do they know, the majority is make believe. It’s edited and a lot of people cannot see through it. True beauty is on the inside. Your inner beauty can change how you look on the outside. The lack of inner beauty can decrease your attractiveness.

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5. How are you “receiving your beauty” so far?

I have discovered that I am truly beautiful, and extremely unique. Coming to America has changed my outlook completly.  I have discovered that you do not have to look the way society says.  Everyone is different and comes from a different background. I am comfortable in my skin , and In love with my roots, #Black is beautiful! I see my features, my hair and my body and I feel good about myself. God made me this way and he makes no mistakes.

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6. Since we cannot see it with our eyes, What does your inner beauty look like?

I am forgiving, I love those that don’t love me and care for those who don’t care for me. I try to love everyone even if they give me the cold shoulder or a negative vibe. I also try not to hold that against them if they do. Friendly and mannerly is another trait I posses. The best way to obtain inner beauty is having good character traits. It is not easy but it is something that creates inner beauty.

7. What is your hope for your natural hair?

I would like to have long ,thick,healthy hair. I have work it short for a long time now. I also look forward to my natural hair color to and texture. My color changed a bit with the perms. I don’t plan to dye it or alter anything about it.

New Growth Hair Snapshot

New Growth

8. Tell us how you care for your hair?

I wash it as often. Washing is mandatory for me because I am an athlete. I use oil on my hair even when it is in a protective style and tie it down at night or whenever I lay down.

IMG_6695 IMG_6697

9. I happen to know that you do a great job at keeping clean hair. Why is that important to you?

I feel clean when my hair is clean and it makes me feel comfortable around others. When it’s clean it’s not filled with gunk and oils. It lets your hair and scalp breathe too. Back home they say it grows best when dirty, so I don’t overdue the cleansing by doing it everyday or anything. I just clean my hair when it needs. I feel fresh and ready for the world.


10. Is there anyone in the media or otherwise who has a look that you admire?

Bianca Vlassic. She is a track athlete and I love how she carries herself so beautifully. She wore a similar short haircut that I wore and she rocked her style really good. She made me feel comfortable with my short hair cut. I really look up to her. She is from Russia, I believe. I also look up to my mother Elaine Sands and my three sister. They all try their best to guide me in the right direction. My mother Elaine Sands is high ranking police officer and is the most important women in my life , she taught to love and forgive. Observing my sisters taught me many things. I learned to be seen and not heard , act like a lady, dress appropriate, love , care, appreciate , be modest, and maintaining morals. I learned to never settle for less and success will come with working hard and putting God first.

11.You have a lot of insight for a young lady. What is your purpose in life?

My purpose is to make a change and be a role model. I want to save animals lives, to protect them from abuse , love them , and care for them. I want to transform the veterinarian world. I just want to be living proof that anything is possible. It all starts with a dream then you must believe.  Stay focused, dedicated and give 100% at all time. To accomplish my goals , and make my parents proud. To use my talent to spread the word God. My purpose is to show all young people that they can achieve their dreams , to never give up , and trust in God.


12. I have heard an author once say that you must do what your purpose is because there are others that are counting on you… How does that statement effect you?

This statement affects me in numerous ways. With me becoming a veterinarian I want to save animals lives. I want to prevent the abuse and abandonment of animals all over the world.  Most importantly I want to show love to animals that have never been loved. I want to become an Olympian.  With that being said , accomplishing my goals will give hope to girls all around the world. Girls who were told they won’t ever make it, girls who were laughed at because they decided to work toward their dreams, and girls that aren’t allowed to participate in sports. I think about how I can empower women by accomplishing my dream.


13. Do you think it’s hard for women to feel successful?

I think it’s extremely hard. Even if you are successful you don’t feel like you are. You base success on what others achieve. I would tell those women to keep calm and press on and keep God number one in your life and everything will fall into place.

STEFKA KOSTADINOVA (Bulgaria) Clears OR 2:05  Wins Women's High Jump 3/8/96

14. Thank you so much for all you have shared with us today. Is there anything more you would like to share?

My favorite quote: “The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph”. For me this quote is so powerful especially being an athlete. I struggle all the time and there are a lot of disappointments. One of these days I’ll be able to say I made it, and I will know the struggling wasn’t in vain. I also want to say “learn to let go,” you will be much happier.

Biograhy of Bria Sands:
Bria Sands is a Bahamian triple jumper, high jumper (and 200 meter sprinter by popular demand). As a junior in high school, Bria desires to pursue a Professional Athletic Career and also become a veterinarian. She is a role model for her peers and desires to be a role model for women. She is not just an advocate for fitness, but also for intelligence and spirituality. You can find Bria Sands on many social media networks.

” Come see me, and get to know me on Instagram @vzuraking!”- Bria Sands

Thank you Bria Sands for sharing yourself with us. There is so much for girls and women to take from what you have given today. May the Lord bless your endeavors.

xoxo Secret Curl Society, Janelle Sands

Janelle Sands
Secret Curl Society, Founder
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