For the Girls


This client is getting ready for back to school style and since she is an athlete, she decided it best to give her hair a break. She did not want to sit for more than 3 hours so this style was chosen to find a happy medium between style longevity and length of time.

Clients hair was shampooed, deep conditioned and blown dry. This does ease scalp tension and tenderness. It is important to thoroughly cleanse, condition and trim your hair if needed before a long term protective style.

Hair should be shampooed only as needed. In between you can cleanse your scalp with witch hazel or Sea Breeze followed by oil sheen or a light natural oil of your choose. Hair should be moisturized with a leave-in conditioning spray at least every other night before tying the hair down.

Touch up:
Cornrows should be touched up every 4 weeks for freshness and integrity of the edges.

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