Moroccan Oil Frizz Control Serum


This review comes to you with much enthusiasm and gratitude.  The Moroccan Oil Brand has truly outdone themselves and provided a quality product like to professionals for the benefit of the clients.  I will slowly review all of the Moroccan Oil products but I will start with the product that brings relief to the top complaint we ww styling professionals hear in the salon; FRIZZ! The remedy is found in the Frizz Control Serum that can be append to the hair via a spray on wet or dry hair.  I use it on all hair types including ethnic and non-ethnic hair.  It seals, protects, and control Frizz while adding shine and body to textured or Frizz prone hair.  The above photo shows a blowout on a regular client with heavy hair.  The photos are a week apart, we frequently take pics to track progress.  I just happened to notice a distinct difference from one week to the next when I added a new product; the Frizz Control Serum. 
   This product has had a difficult time remain on our shelves.  The Frizzy hair divas have been coming out of the cracks to get this stuff and we have orders in as soon as we run out.  I give it two things up, 5 stars, 100 likes, and two snaps.  Moroccan Oil, your a winner.

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