Jeanetta Norris


1. What originally enticed you about natural hair?
Actually, I wasn’t planning on going natural the first time I cut my hair in 2010.
2. What made you decide to make the transition?/ Have you ever big chopped?I really just wanted to start over. I liked the reaction when I did it but I missed my shoulder length hair. I loved it. Since then I’ve big chopped twice because I wanted to wear a fade. I think when women wear fades or brush cuts, we ironically, look more feminine. It’s one of my favorite looks.
What made me decide to make the transitionThe first time, as I stated previously was just on a whim. I needed a fresh start. The other two times, I was going for a specific look.
3. How long did it take you to transition and what was the experience like for you?
Before I big chopped the first time, I accidentally went natural (LOL). I wore sew ins for about eight months because they were cute and I’m lazy. I didn’t get a relaxer when I took the sew in out but I did get a texturizer. Shortly after, I BC’d for the first time.
4. How has this experience affected you emotionally and physically or otherwise?
 I think most people’s hair look better without chemicals. Even if you wear it straightened, natural is better. I’m no different. It’s a confidence booster, I guess. I don’t think about it much, but I guess you have to be pretty confident to wear a big chop.
5. What type of curl pattern/texture do have?
My hair type is 3C/4A. Different textures all over.
6. Now that you are fully natural what are some of your favorite styles?
When my hair is longer, I just like wash and gos. When it grows out this time, I’ll experiment with twist outs.
7. What are your favorite products?
 I love Shea moisture products, pure glycerin, 100% unrefined coconut oil and pure Shea butter. Also Dr. Miracles leave in conditioner has become one of my favorites recently.
8. What is your hair regiment( if you have one)?
Since I have a TWA I don’t do much but right now I shampoo/condition is Saturdays and do a mid week co wash.
9. What else would you like to share?
Natural hair is the best hair. Before, I was a slave to my hair. Now I just do whatever I want. No limits.
Jeanetta’s curls are fabulous! Please,  let’s thank her for sharing!

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