photo-51. Tell me a little about you?

I am a married mother of 4 who loves to spend time with family, friends, and learn new and exciting things. I am creative and enjoy challenging myself to reach goals. I am from Dallas ,TX.  I am an insurance adjuster by day and an entrepreneur launching a new fitness apparel company by night.  I am passionate about empowering women to look, feel, and live their lives to the fullest.

1B. Tell me where are you going?

My company will be one of the top shape wear fitness apparel companies in the US. I hope to also using speaking as a platform to speak and encourage women.

2. You have beautiful natural hair, have you always worn it natural or did you take the “Return to natural” journey?

I was natural until age 5 when I cut all my hair off with scissors and my mom turned to “the curl.” After I grew tired of the curl around 4th grade, I started getting perms and this lasted until I was pregnant with my son at the age of 29. At 29 I was tired of having to get a perm every 2 to 3 months and did not want to deal with chemicals during my pregnancy.

photo-33. If you have always been natural what has that lifestyle been like to grow up natural when most everyone else was relaxed? If you transitioned to natural, what route did you take (Big chop, protective styles)?

I slowly transitioned by blow drying and flat ironing once a month. It took about 2 years of growing and trimming my hair to where all the perm was removed and I had a decent length which was around arm pit length.

4. What do you love the most about your hair?

I love the versatility! I can do the following styles: sophisticated bun, curls, twists, braids, afro, straight, and etc. I can style my hair to fit my mood and clothing.

photo-15. Secret Curl Society is about leading women and girls in embracing their hair in it’s natural state as this can help a woman accept your entire being. Have you been able to relate to this?

Yes, for many years I believed that my hair needed to be straight and if there were a hint of new growth that my hair needed to a straight perm as soon as possible. In actuality, I was hiding my beauty and individuality behind what I perceived society’s view of beauty to be.

photo-96. Many say we are redefining beauty standards by returning to our natural kinks and curls? Would you agree?  How has this movement shaped your view on beauty?

Yes, it has totally reshaped my view because I have embraced the fact that we all have different textures and curl patterns and we are truly unique. I love trying new products, styles, and also finding new ways so nurture my hair.

photo-67. Have you found it hard to believe that you are beautiful in the past due to how you wore your hair, your cultural makeup, or the way you look?

Yes. When I look at old photos of myself, I see someone who did not know her true beauty. My hair was not very healthy and was quite a bit shorter than it is today. When I grew my natural hair, I developed my style.

7A. I understand that you are a mother of four, three of which are girls.  How has your wearing your natural hair affected your children and your family lifestyle?

My kids see me taking care of my hair and view being natural as a normal thing and not an exception. So this has helped my children embrace their natural hair.  I also have a set regimen for the kids and as long as I stay on schedule with washing, moisturizing, sealing, and protective styling, it works out well.

7B. Do you solicit the help of a stylist?

Yes I do, but not very often. When I want to learn something new I will look on Youtube or talk to other women to see what works for them and try it if the need arises. The education from the internet is very helpful.

Have your children been made fun of because of their hair? If so, how did you handle it?

No,  If they had I would tell them that this is who we are and we are blessed in the fact that we can do so many things to our hair and be so beautiful. I would then show them all the hair pictures of beautiful and successful natural hair women.

8. How do you hope your children will view their image/beauty and what will you do to help them?

I want them to view themselves as beautiful, unique, and versatile, and that they can express themselves through personalized style. I am encouraging my children to love themselves from inside out.

photo-29. How do you think this natural culture will affect the younger generation of girls as they develop into women?

It will help young girls feel comfortable wearing their curls. While watching television, print ads, movies it is normal to see a woman wearing their natural hair, so this will help young girls to embrace and love their curls.

10. What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty is the harmony of inner confidence, elegance, charm, humility, kindness, and a giving spirit.

11. Do you think this movement has helped women grow to learn to love each other?

Yes I do! I see women talking and engaging and swapping advice of achieving great hair results. I think we truly want each other look and feel good. Have you built new relationships with women simply by engaging in “hair talk?” Yes when I see a women with healthy hair or with the length that I desire, I ask them what their regimen is and what the keys are to the success. I have never met a woman who did not give great advice to achieving hair health and goals.

12. Tell us about your hair regiment?

I deep condition once a month with a plastic cap with a moisturizing conditioner and protein as needed. I then use Kinky Curly Knot Today or As I Am Leave in, As I Am Buttercream then seal with Coconut Oil. I moisturize and seal daily and it has made a difference with retention. I sleep with a silk hat with no hair ties. I co-wash my hair once or twice a week using Tresemme Naturals. I low poo my hair using Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo.

photo-713. Do you have any particular personal hair goals ( regarding, health, length or style?)

Yes I want shiny and thick Hip Length hair by the end of 2015

14. What social media bloggers or natural hair gurus do you follow or have been inspired by?

Naptural85, Longhairdontcare2011

photo-415. And how can we find you, what are your social media outlets?

Alonus Wear on Facebook, Alonus_Wear on Instagram, Alonus Wear on Twitter and

16. Do you have any personal or professional projects that you would like to share with us?

Yes. I have created a fitness apparel Alonus Wear, that will be launching this summer. I am very excited about created great products that will empower women to feel and look good.


Thank you for sharing so much with Secret Curl Society!

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