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1. Have you always worn your hair natural?

Yes, I have never had my hair permed or straighten on a regular basis. I have only worn it natural and I love it!

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2. If so, how difficult has that been?

 It was never a decision to go natural. I am mixed with African-American and Spaniard. I do have the difficulty of making sure I am using products that contain natural ingredients, washing it twice a week, and making sure I take care of my split ends. Curly hair is very fragile and needs to be tended to. It is a big responsibility.

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3. What are some things that are unique to your hair journey?

I would say growing up and trying to understand why no one could really relate to my type of hair.

photo 44. What are some things about your hair journey that other women can also relate to, some things that most of us go through?

I feel not only myself but other woman struggle to find hair products right for their hair. I know I have gone from using gel to olive oil products to moose. All of them were terrible for my hair but it is important to experiment. Each and every one of us has products that work best for us and we have to be vulnerable to trying new products.
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5. What is your philosophy of beauty and how has this natural movement enhanced your view of beauty?

I feel beauty is within the eye of the beholder. We tend to focus too much on how we are perceived within society and the norms that we seem to believe are acceptable. If we have a certain hair type, most women want to change it because it is not normal to what society believes is beautiful hair. If we have brown eyes, we want eyes of color because that is seen as beautiful. If we have scars on our bodies we are sold products that are told to make us beautiful and sexy. When God made us, he molded us the way he wanted us to be and we should not try to change it.

How I see it, there is no such thing as perfection unless is defined by our flaws. Ours flaws are what makes us beautiful. So, I grew up with my curly hair. At times it was never easy and people made fun of my hair because it was not a normal thing you would see in society, yet now it is so common. Likewise, God gave me my height, this hair, brown eyes, and beauty marks. Why am I going to fight against him. He made me this way.

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6. Do you think it is a phase or do you think natural is here to stay?

I will always be natural. I have been raised to believe that the way I was made should not be changed.

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7. Tell us about your ethnic background and how your curl pattern and texture relates to those in your family?

My ethnic background is African-American, Spaniard, and German. I see more of the other two than German and I speak Spanish. My father does not have much hair now but before it was very tight curls. My mother grew up with straight hair, though as she got older her hair texture was very curly. My brother has tight coiled curls.

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8. Please enlighten us on your hair regiment. What works for you and what has not worked for you?

 What works for me is the conditioner Wen. I have used it for 4 years. I use it as a leave in conditioner and it is my shampoo. It contains natural ingredients and does not contain lauryl sulfate. One of the key ingredients, in which drys out our hair. Before my hair was dry and I had a hard time wearing my curls the way I wanted to but now I can freely. It is soft and has its natural shine. Wen can be purchased online and it comes for a variety of hair textures. They not only have conditioner, but also hair products that I have used and they have been very successful.

-I use “It’s a “10 hair mask repair and I mix with 2 pumps of wen and a little of the “Its a 10” and apply it every time I wash my hair. I start by applying in my ends and work my way up.
-I also use the “It’s a 10” moisturizer spray for my ends which helps keep it maintained when I am nearly due for a hair cut.
-I use organix oil. They have several but I use the Moroccan. I sometimes mix it with my leave in conditioner when I am getting my hair ready. It gives it an extra shine and really keeps the curls hydrated throughout the day.
-I use the organix coconut spray and that is for a natural shine. It helps on a bad hair day. No matter what there are going to be some days when your hair does not cooperate.


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9. Do you have any particular hair goals, if so, do tell?

Growing out my hair! I have been very successful. It is a work in progress. Split ends being cut each year, washing my hair twice a week, and doing a natural hair mask at least 2 or 4 times a month or however many times you feel necessary.


photo 310. Finally what piece of advice or encouragement would you give to other women in regard to their beauty and their hair?

Do not let anyone tell you what you need and should change. As I said, God molded us this way and we are beautiful the way we are. At times we may not see it but it is hard to live in a world where society and people around you tell you what does not look right and what you need to fix. It took time to accept myself and I look at myself in the mirror, start by saying all the things I don’t like and once the negativity has left, I tell myself all the things I love about myself and that I am beautiful.

Hair advice:
-Look at the ingredients in your shampoos and your conditioners.
-Don’t cut your hair every so often. You don’t need to get a trim every month. About 6-8 months.
-Do not dye your hair! Highlights can really damage the hair. It is also a chemical and it does not correspond lightly with our hair type.

Thank you Priscilla, you are a very educated natural. We appreciate you sharing your wisdom with Secret Curl Society.

Yours Curly,

-Janelle Sands

You can find Priscilla on Instagram @miss_spaniard.  Check her out and watch her journey to growing out her healthy curly hair and living a healthy lifestyle.

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