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Ebonycurlz41. What made you want to start your ebonycurlz Facebook page?

What made me want to start my Ebonycurlz Instagram page?  Initially was the fact that I had decided I wanted to grow my hair out to waist length but I was really lazy when it came to taking care of it, maintaining it, and just doing it period.  So, I thought that by me starting a hair Instagram it would end up motivating me to take the necessary steps in taking care of my hair because I would have followers that would be interested in seeing my progress and journey and in turn it would there for keep me accountable. I then started to think what a great way and opportunity I would have to motivate and encourage others when it comes to their hair and beauty and what a great opportunity to incorporate God in it as well.

2. What has been the most enjoyable part of this new venture?

The most enjoyable part would definitely have to be being able to read the comments and feedback that I receive from people. There are people who comment asking me questions about what did I do to help aid in my hair growth because they have gone through something traumatic and lost hair and now trying to grow it back,  or the comments about how I have motivated them to now try and go natural. And then of course there’s the feedback I get from the, what I like to call “hair celebrities, in the hair/social media world”. I love looking at my phone and seeing that Chime Edwards has commented and like a picture of mine or @Naptural85 and @CourtneyNaturalHair has started following me. Coolest feeling ever.


3. There is a lot of talk about Instagram being more hurtful than helpful to the way women view their image, what are your thoughts?

Um, yea I could see how it could lead to that, but…that’s what I’m trying to change. I’m trying to motivate, encourage, and uplift women with natural beauty that’s why I repost people who have just big chopped and have shaved heads or twa’s. I try to post regular everyday ladies not the ones who photographed professionally for a magazine or constantly posting celebrities because that’s when ladies try to pattern themselves after pictures that have been edited and photo shopped but when they see a picture of and everyday women with 4c hair or hardly any hair at all they look at it and think wow she’s just like me, or hey she’s got the same type and length hair as   I do and she’s still really pretty.

4.  Seeing that you have always been natural, is there anything you would have done differently in your hair journey?

I could of done anything differently I would of never gotten layers cut in my hair or got my hair flat iron as often when I was in high school not knowing that it was doing more harm than good.

5.  Is there a certain style or look you are dying to go for but haven’t done it yet?

What is it and what’s stopping you? A certain look or style I’ve REALLY been wanting to do for a long time now is 1 pink streak/highlight in the very front of my hair where I usually part my hair and now most recently I’ve been thinking about putting some streaks/tints/undertones or whatever you want to call it of dark blue. I think that would look SOOOO cool in my hair because my hair is so dark. What’s stopping me is the fact that I don’t like the idea of stripping my hair in order  to put the color in and I also don’t like the idea of something permanent and chemicals  in my hair. Plus where I work we are only allowed to have natural colors in our hair not anything as extreme as pink or blue. But hey what can I say, I have and extreme personality lol.


6. Who is Ebonycurlz as a person?

Well first of all my real name is not Ebony like some people that follow me think but just for safety/personal reasons I choose not to put my real name on social media. Also not many people know that one of the many reasons I decided to grow my hair out longer it to one day donate it to Locs of Love or Wigs for Kids. But that will be years down the road before I do that. Uh, let me think what else…..  I am extremely outgoing and optimistic and a genially kind hearted, giving, loving, person. I have a whole lot of energy and personality packed into a small 5’3 (on a good day) package. A dream of mine is to do modeling. That’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do and I guess through this ebonycurlz page and me wanting to grow my hair out longer I’ve already begun doing that because I was featured in the Secret Curl Society hair show and also have been asked a couple times to help promote hair products and companies.

7. Tell us about how you currently care for your hair?

I care for my hair by scheduling hair appointments once a month to get it deep conditioned and occasionally trimmed as needed. I wash my hair once a week in-between those salon visits. For the most part I usually just wear my hair out natural and curly and put it in a pineapple at night but then during the hotter seasons or even the colder seasons I wear it in protective styles. Mainly twist. Soon I hope to start incorporating cur formers into my routine. I can’t wait to try those.


8. Our mission at SCS is to empower women and girls one curl at a time.  With the premise that if you can start by caring for your hair, how much more will you then care for your entire being and ultimately others.  How do you relate to that? Have you been empowered by caring for your curls?

I can definitely say I relate to that. In fact now that I think of it that’s how all this kinda came about. Like I stated before I wanted to grow my hair out to one day donate but when it came to actually DOING my hair and taking care of it I was lazy. So I started the hair Instagram because I knew that if I had followers who wanted to see my progress it would motivate me and keep me accountable with doing my hair. So my followers motivate me and I try to motivate my followers who are also try to grow out their hair or considering going natural. And now since growing out healthy hair and learning more about it I now know that it ultimately does start from the inside out so it has encouraged me to become more physically fit and healthy also.

9.  What more would you like us to know about you?

A little more about me.  If you have an Instagram and would like to be featured for what I call #WaistlengthWednesday or #MotivationalMonday or just any other day then #ebonycurlz  in your pictues and I repost my favorites.  I recently just started a facebook  like page called Ebonycurlz where I will be posting my favorite hair videos and tips from youtube as well as posting pictures, motivational, empowering and just funny things.  Eventually I will start a fitness Instagram page where I will post pics of myself trying to become healthier and more physically fit, as well as posting healthy drinks (Instagram pages that focuses on juicing, smoothies, or protein)  foods and cute workout clothes and the different companies and brands that comes along with it. I do not have a twitter just yet. I’m still debating about that, I’m not really into the whole twitter thing. Fact: I don’t really like calling it a hair journey for myself because I’ve always had pretty long hair (except for when I cut it to get layers.) So instead it’s more like a challenge to grow it longer then when it was my longest back in early high school. Random Fact: the thing that really kicked started this wanting to grow my hair longer thing was because I saw an African American girl on the Ellen show who had amazingly long hair. Don’t know if it was real or not all I knew was that I wanted hair like that and I was going to do whatever it took to get there. So yea shout out to the girl on Ellen in the sumo wrestling suit.


10. Please give a shot out to the wonderful stylists that have cared for your hair over the years.  What unique gifts did they provide you?

The stylist that have really been a major part of this change are Amy goes by AK at the JCPenny Salon she really helped with the healthy of my hair when I first started wanting to grow it longer. She styles my twist when I get them. Janelle, (who is also a close friend of mine) at the Pura Vida Salon and Spa styles my braids and occasionally extensions. And then Angel also at Pura Vida she does overall health and care for my hair. I know it might sound strange that I have 3 different stylists for 3 different things but they have all become close friends of mine so I decided to continue to go to all 3 but just for different things.

Thank you Ebonycurlz for sharing yourself and your hair with us.  We love what you’re doing and will continue to support you.  Keep us up to date with all you are doing!

Be blessed Curlies!

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