Secret Curl Society welcomes  Autumn and Alexis Royal, the beautiful set of curly twins. I know our curl sisters all love hearing from diverse women and girls with curls. Autumn shares about her hair, her view of beauty, and even spirituality.  Enjoy!

1. Have you always worn your hair natural?


2. If so, how difficult has that been?

When I was younger, my mom always had my hair styled whether it was braids or straightened but it was always done some type of way because my hair was so thick and curly.

3. What are some things that are unique to your hair journey?

My hair has just kept get thicker and thicker and I’m just learning how to manage it my myself.

4. What are some things about your hair journey that other girls can also relate to, some things that most of us go through?

Learning to style curly hair.

5. What is your philosophy of beauty and how has this naturally curly movement enhanced your view of beauty?

No matter how you look you are a beautiful creation of god and knowing that my hair is amazing and that you don’t have to have straight to be beautiful.

5(a). Additionally how do you think your younger generation sees beauty? Is there such a thing as natural beauty to women in your age group?

I think they are becoming more excepting of different types of hair also that just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean it’s nappy and I am always getting compliments on how people wish they had my hair.
I feel that it depends what side your are on there are girls in my age group that do so many things to fit in but some girls Are very confident and are happy with themselves.

5(b). Does social media play a part in that for better or for worse?

There is a quote that says “sometimes the things we can’t change end up change” In this quote I do think that social media does work for the better or worse because young women like myself admire those older than us.

6.Where are you on your journey of accepting and acknowledging your beauty?

Right now I am at the point where I am just learning how to work with my hair I do think I am beautiful.  I am just starting to except that beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors.

6(a). What sort of things affect the way you see yourself?

I think people I admire and also I don’t want people to judge me by the way I look but for what’s inside me.

7. It seems like everyone loves curly hair, do you think it is a phase or do you think natural is here to stay?
My natural hair is definitely here to stay.

8. Tell us about your ethnic background and how your curl pattern and texture relates to those in your family?

I am Hispanic and African American I think I have more of my African American side in my hair because I have very tight curls.

9. Please enlighten us on your hair regiment. What works for you and what has not worked for you?

I use Tresseme Naturals Curly Shampoo and Conditioner and Garnier Fructis curly cream and coconut oil.  I have found that hair creams and coconut oil work a lot better than sprays and gels.

10. Do you have any particular hair goals, if so, do tell?

My hair goal is to grow till it reaches my lower back.

11. Finally what piece of advice or encouragement would you give to other women in regard to their beauty and their hair?

Try to learn and work with your hair before making a drastic change.

12. I know you ladies are very spiritual and love the Lord. How has your relationship with the Lord helped you to better accept who you are and how you look?

God has let me know that I am wonderfully and fearfully made Psalms 139:14
No matter what when I am in my darkest season or my brightest season that he has a reason for everything.


13. Is there anything else you would like to add?

To except yourself means to be so in love with who are that you are willing to share that love with someone else.

Finally, tell me a little something about you, what do you like, what motivates you and what are your future endeavors and List your Social Media Outlets.

Well, I have a twin I am involved in soccer track and also my church youth group (my group ) to learn from the mistakes that I have made and also the mistakes that people in my family have made. My future endeavors are to get my business degree and then work my way through all three culinary institutes of America. My social outlet of choice Instagram .

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your curls, and yourself with Secret Curl Society Autumn.

Curls Truly,

Janelle Sands

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