Secret Curl Society welcomes Alexis Royal and Autumn Royal, the beautiful set of curly twins.   I know our curl sisters all love hearing from diverse women and girls with curls. Alexis comes from a family of curly women and has a uniquely awesome view of beauty that she shares with us. Enjoy!

1. Have you always worn your hair natural?


2. How difficult has that been?

It was difficult to find different ways to style it.

3. What are some things that are unique to your hair journey?

I have never use chemical on it I basically have virgin hair

4. What are some things about your hair journey that other girls can also relate to, some things that most of us go through?

Sometimes I did feel like doing my hair and then I throw it up In a bun.

ALexis Royal

5. What is your philosophy of beauty and how has this naturally curly movement enhanced your view of beauty?

Beauty starts from the inside and excepting your inner Beauty it will reflect on the outside.

6.Where are you on your journey of accepting and acknowledging your beauty ? What sort of things affect the way you see yourself?

I am still working on telling myself I am beautiful everyday , but sometimes it can be difficult because I have and Old Self home base of worthlessness which makes me overcompensate and notice every little flaw I see. I think I am beautiful. One major thing that I working on is not judging or comparing myself to other people because it can sometimes influence if a feel beautiful or not.

Alexis Royal 2

7. It seems like everyone loves curly hair, do you think it is a phase or do you think natural is here to stay?

I personally love curly hair and I think it may fade but it will stay for sure.

8. Tell us about your ethnic background and how your curl pattern and texture relates to those in your family?

I am African American, Hispanic, and Native American.  My mother has really wavy hair and my dad has little kinky curly and my hair is sort of a medium between the two.


9. Please enlighten us on your hair regiment. What works for you and what has not worked for you?

I wash my hair with TRESemme curly shampoo and conditioner then I brush out my hair in sections and I use Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner I braid the sections I brush out, and leave the braids in my hair for a little while.


10. Do you have any particular hair goals, if so, do tell?

I would love for my hair to be passed my hips and I want to get my hair 100 percent healthy.

11. Finally what piece of advice or encouragement would you give to other women in regard to their beauty and their hair?

Take care of hair also appreciate it like its last time your going to see it. Always take care of yourself also, because looks are not forever.


12. I know you ladies are very spiritual and love the Lord. How has your relationship with the Lord helped you to better accept who you are and how you look?

Psalms 139:14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” I think even when I don’t feel as pretty or as beautiful as I should I know God does not make mistakes also in 1 peter 3:4 it says that you inner beauty is unfading is great worth in Gods eyes, I think that is so true.

13. Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you don’t love yourself or your hair nobody else will either.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your curls, and yourself with Secret Curl Society Alexis.

Curls Truly,

Janelle Sands


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