Baby's First Haircut


Babys First Haircut went off like a bright light.

Within 30 minutes her hair was cleansed, cut, and styled.  I shampooed her precious locks with Erayba Hydraker sulfate free shampoo.  It’s unique feature is it’s Leave-in Conditioning companion rather than a rinse out conditioner which is perfect for an incredibly fast cleansing and conditioning process for young children.  Hair was trimmed, removing the tips and refresh the curls to reboost her curl as the weight and shape was weighing down her sweet curls.  This is also called “oxygenating the curls,” coined by Devachan.  Mommy, daddy, and most importantly, baby left happy. A beautiful first haircut experience.


A baby’s first haircut could result in a neverending nightmare, scaring you and your child for years or it could be a quick, meaningful moment filled with keepsake photos; and the beginning of happy, healthy, haircare. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Choose a Stylist that is well experienced with your child’s hairtype.

Now is not the time to experiment with a fresh Cosmetology graduate in hopes of saving a few dollars (unless they are highly experienced in kids cuts).  Invest in this experience for your child by researching stylists by specialization such as curly, textured, ethnic, short, long, straight, thick or thin.  If the salon has a receptionist, ask many questions about which stylist is most suitable for your babys first haircut.

2. Visit the salon in advance.

Let’s not make this a field trip for the entire family.  Choose a salon that YOU are comfortable with first because your child will be guided by your emotions and energy.  If you have committed yourself to a Stylist, give critical consideration of them first as they would want to please you an hopefully put you at ease.

3. Prepare the child before they arrive.

Read a book about visiting the salon or tell your child about your salon experiences within two weeks prior to the exciting day.  Seeing pictures and having conversation about the salon will make them feel at ease when they arrive.

4. Come prepared.

This is the most important part. Bring a book, a toy, a blanket, a favorite snack or anything that your child loves that will bring them comfort. If they love to sing, come with songs or music.  If its daddy that brings the most comfort, bring daddy too.  And make sure to bring the child fed and rested.  A sleepy, hungry child will have a horrible haircut experience.  Go out of your way to protect the state of your child on this special occasion.

5.Be a partner to the stylist.

Be very much a part of the process based on your relationship with your child. Be aware of how the child is feeling and help when you can. Also be aware of the state of the Stylist and ask how you can help whether its best to stand near to the child or if its best to sit in the lobby away from the child.

All children are different and each experience will be unique.  These tips are to help prepare you, increasing your chances of a successful experience. Best wishes!


This family did a marvelous job preparing their child and helping me complete the job.  Baby’s first haircut is a team effort.  High fives for all!

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