Redhead Curly Supreme

I am a redhead to my core.  It’s in my heart. It is absolutely my dream to look just like this.  The woman in this image is a dear Curl-friend to me.  True story: my husband and I were driving to the salon and we passed this massive halo of red curls.  My husband, trying to impress me says, ” Red hair and curly hair is trending now, right?”  I thought that was so cute; my sweet political husband tried to coexist in my world.  I do the same to him by casually name dropping U.S presidents in public conversation.  Anywho, my immediate response was, ” I would love to play in that hair,” and we proceeded on to the salon.

Now would you believe when I was introduced to my first client of the day, she just happened to be the Redhead Curly Supreme you see above!  A match made in Heaven.

This image was our second hair affair.  We gave her a curly cut at an A line with cascading layers.

This cut is inspired by the Devacut.  Curl by curl, we shaped her hair and styled with Erayba Phase 2 Leave-In Spray followed by Erayba Curl Defining Spray.  Light and intentional, this product delivers the definition you need while still soft to the touch.  Great for type 2 or 3 curl types.  Curls were cleansed and hydrated with Erayba Nutriactive Shampoo and conditioner for a sleek palette before styling.