Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s Hair – Let’s Wrap This Thing Up Everybody


Let’s Wrap This thing Up Properly


May she cast the first stone who has NEVA let their child out the house with “they hair lookin’ crazy?” Better yet, whose mother has “NEVA let them go out lookin crazy?” IJS…

For starters, does your child’s hair look neat, kept, and laid every moment of the day? What about when she or he wakes up in the morning? Or what do they look like after you pick them up from daycare? Lets be real honest here. How many of you have picked your child up from daycare and you could tell the teachers tried to fix up her hair because of how bad it looked when you brought her to school? I know I’ve been there and my child’s teacher is non-ethnic! I recently was humbled as I struggled to find time to do my child’s hair for school after cooking dinner, helping with homework, feeding and bathing my kids. I assumed my son suffered the whole day of looking “busted”, but when I picked him up from school, his hair was neat and freshly done by his teacher. I didn’t know whether to be offended, ashamed…or thankful. I choose to be thankful.


But, enough about me, back to the Carter Family.  You know in all honesty, this chatter about Blue Ivy Carter, shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. This is a glimpse into what we do everyday to each other. This is similar to the women in churches that mutter to one another about why Sister So-and-so doesn’t “just take that baby to the hairdresser.” The difference is that after all these years, either Beyoncé has finally arrived on our level, or we have finally arrived on her level for us to feel that we can discuss discomfort with her daugher’s hair so openly. Let’s just skip through all the muck and the stuff and just call it what it is; most ethnic women have such a poor self image, especially about their own hair, that they project their pain on others….even innocent children.


At the core of this I do hear the tinge of appropriate concern.  That’s great, we should want for our daughters to look their best, especially in public.  However there is a fine line between concern and attack. The Beyonce/Blue Ivy Backlash is abusive in nature and harmful to the child; It’s Bullying! Give Beyonce the time she deserves to figure out how to care for her daughters hair amongst her busy schedule. The time that we have all needed when we’ve welcomed a new child into our family.

Finale Wrap up

Unless you are offering a helping hand to support Beyoncé in nurturing Blue Ivy’s treasured tresses… Keep your murmuring to yourself.



Let’s have some fun with this and change perception.  For the Month of SEPTEMBER ( Beyonce Birth Month), Post candid daily Photos of yourself, but more importantly your children’s hair in their natural state and tag with #wewokeuplikethis, and/or #wesupportyoublue, and/or #secretcurlsociety on all your media networks.

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