A Date with Bobby-Pin!

  The Ultimate Valentines Day How-To UPDO just for you! You will finally learn how to work a bobby pin, are you ready for that freedom? Here is all you need to know to prepare: 1. Bring a Ready to learn attitude, YOU CAN DO THIS! 2. Bring your favorite smoothing brush 3. Bring clean,

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Fresh Feature: Vita Roberts

  HEY CURLIE!!! Thank you for being with the Secret Curl Society!  We want to know all about you.  Do Tell!   1. You have beautiful natural hair, have you always worn it natural or did you take the “Return to natural” journey? I was natural up until I was in high school, when I went

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Gel and Cream Styler… Same Thing Right?

  Have you wondered whether or not these two will do the same thing?  Well all of your questions, answered in this article on Naturally.com written by Janelle Sands of Secret Curl Society.  Please provide your feedback.  Let’s Keep the Conversation going. Gel and Cream Styler, Same Thing Right?  

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